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WyCo Services provides fully integrated material handling solutions for High-Speed Automated Cargo and Material Handling systems while incorporating TSA and DHS security approved equipment. Such systems include Jet Bridges, Airport Baggage, Air Cargo, Express Parcel, Food Processing,  Aggregate, Commodities, Warehouse/Distribution with expertise in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Barcode Scanning implementation, Baggage X-ray screening, EDS, and ETS.


Conveyor Systems


WyCo provides and installs the conveyors and sorting equipment used in retail distribution facilities and in industrial manufacturing facilities all across the country. Our systems are designed to maximize the use of space, time, labor and inventory. We optimize workflow and manage throughput while providing comprehensive and innovative solutions. 


  • Assembly and Manufacturing Systems

  • Warehouse Systems

  • Pallet & Carton Handling Systems

  • Cargo Conveyors

  • Gravity-Fed Systems

  • Automated Devices

  • Air Operated Conveyors

  • Distribution & Sorting Systems

  • High-speed sorting

  • Cross-docking

  • Light-directed pick system

  • Staging, sequencing, and storage

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Jet Bridges (PBB)

WyCo provides parts, repairs, and maintenance services for all brands of Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBB) / Jet Bridges. From wheel bogies to limit switches, from lift columns and drive motors to solid tires, WyCo can provide the right parts for your PBB.  We have an extensive selection of drive motors and critical parts in stock for immediate shipment and repair.

Equipment Maintenance & Emergency Repair

WyCo offers maintenance services and emergency repair to assist our clients in any situation encountered 24/7. Our experienced technicians will develop a preventative maintenance schedule to keep the equipment running smoothly and help minimize repair issues. In case of an emergency, WyCo can assemble teams rapidly and deploy technicians within a short timeframe.

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Extensive Experience

Our seasoned management team offers 50+ years of conveyor system design, mechanical and electrical installation experience. We work closely with TSA, DHS, Airport Authority and large-scale equipment manufacturers and system integrators. We provide professional, speedy, reliable installation, so your company is up and running as quickly as possible.


Consultancy and Design

WyCo offers an independent expert’s view in the field of baggage, cargo and other material handling systems for industrial, commercial, governmental and NGO sectors, enabling our mechanical and electrical engineering teams to design a cost-effective solution flexible enough to grow with future needs.


Security Systems

  • RFID In-Line Baggage Systems

  • Baggage X-Ray Screening

  • EDS (Explosive Detection Systems)

  • Barcode Scanning Systems

  • ETD Systems (Explosive Threat Detection)

  • High-Speed Baggage Handling Systems

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Project Management

WyCo offers a team of superior Project Managers to move any project from conception to completion and will meet or exceed the agreed time and cost constraints.

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We procure all equipment to each project’s specifications and ensure full servicing of specialty equipment whether through NACC or OEM.

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